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Joy's Nutrition         Gatherings 2018            

On the Third Thursday each month
 6 to 7 pm $20.

​Handout, Snacks, Craft Project included! 
Munch and learn. 
Make new friends.

Feb. 15 - Feed Your Heart for Health

What if it isn't true? Can you really eat these fats for your heart?

1601 Broadway St, Vancouver, WA
Free street parking

Don't miss the interactive fun! 
RSVP today. Space is limited.
​Text 360.980.1066

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Have a Healthy and Successful 2018! 
Mark Your Calendar now for
Dr. Joy's Annual Workshops

Growing Organic Food in Your Yard
Saturday, March 24 from 10 - 12
Held in a private garden. 
Text your RSVP for address. 
Register early for your Gardening Goodie Bag.
Rain does not cancel. Covered patio.
Dress for the weather.
$40 each. Family discount available.

Disaster Preparedness for the Pacific NW
Sunday, Sept. 23 from 12:30 - 2:30
Held in a local church.
Text your RSVP for address.
Register early for your Preparedness Goodie Bag
Learn what, how, why, where and when you can prepare for a variety of scenarios.
$40 each. Family discount available.
All donations are tax deductible for this event.
I celebrated my 25th business anniversary in August 2017!